“As a Nation we are Failing our Youth;
Yet Humanity’s Future Depends on Their Success.”

-Vince Shorb

Vince Shorb: Committed to the Success of Our Nation’s Youth

The government, our school system, and parents alike have overlooked a cornerstone to America’s economic and social wellbeing – today’s youth. The major, rapid changes that we’ve experienced during the 21st century present new challenges for children and teenagers, challenges for which they often are unprepared.

Vince Shorb is concerned about the wellness of today’s youth. He is a champion for restoring excellence in education and an advocate for responsible parenting. Shorb’s policy agenda focuses on four core areas:


Despite having the largest GDP, one of the strongest economies in the world, and easy access to information, the US educational system, the federal government, and parents are failing our youth.

 “Given the complex challenges the next generation faces, the time is now to reaffirm our commitment to the positive development of our nation’s youth.”

~Vince Shorb

Vince Shorb Overview

Vince Shorb is one of the original founders and current CEO of the National Financial Educators Council. Professionally, Shorb is a leading advocate for promoting financial literacy. His personal goals are broader: ensuring that today’s youth are prepared for the realities of the 21st century so they can live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Shorb led the development of standards for financial educators, built a framework for learners, and published financial literacy curriculum titles representing more than 400 hours of in-class presentations; he also led the creation of the first national speakers association for financial educators and a certification program that supports the effective dissemination of financial literacy information.

He was the creative mind behind ‘The Talk’ financial literacy PSA (featured in TIME) and the Family Savings Challenge – both designed to encourage parents to communicate with their children about financial matters. His inspiration to mainstream the financial literacy message has brought him into partnership with more than fifty celebrities and professional athletes to promote financial literacy events across the country.